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Our handmade Thong Free Bleed Undies are the perfect eco-friendly solution for your light flow days. Our panty liners are designed to allow your body to bleed freely and naturally, without the need for wasteful pink, toxic pads. Our undies are the perfect choice for spotting and days with light flow.

Thong Free Bleed Undies

    • %90 Organic Cotton and %10 Lycra
    • Padded with %100 Organic Cotton Fleece for softness and extra absorption.
    • Introducing our version of "panty liners" free bleed undies! 
    • These undies come in one flow type and that is LIGHT.
    • These undies are for spotting on the days before you get your moon cycle and the days after. We wanted to create a functional pair of free bleeds that were more comfortable and less bulky for those nights you want to dress up 
    • NO CHANGES can be made once your order is placed. Please reference sizing chart and color wheel BEFORE placing your order.
    • The design of this garment is protected by copyright, and the unauthorized use of this design is strictly prohibited. © 2024
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