Thong Free Bleeds
  • Introducing our new version of free bleeds - PANTY LINERS!
  • These undies are for spotting on the days before you get your moon cycle and the days after. We wanted to create a functional pair of free bleeds that were more comfortable and less bulky for those nights you want to dress up 
  • These undies are available in three different color options including Eggplant, Rose, and our new color called Beet.
  • Eggplant is created with Logwood, Rose is created with Madder, and Beet is created with a dried insect called Cochineal (native to south and central america, which has been used as dye since before the 15th century. This color is non-vegan)
  • These undies come in one flow type and that is LIGHT.
  • %90 Organic Cotton and %10 Lycra
  • Padded with %100 Organic Cotton Fleece for softness and extra absorption.
  • These undies are MADE TO ORDER, which means 2-4 weeks for creation 
    + shipping time!

Thong Free Bleeds