High Waisted Free Bleeds
  • High Waisted Free Bleed Undies - You can finally ditch the chemical filled, plastic packaged tampon boxes and allow your body to bleed freely and naturally.
  • This high waisted version of our free bleeds is the hug we all need during our period, these will comfort your belly and allow you to relax your Yoni making period symptoms less painful. These undies come in ONE FLOW TYPE that is EXTRA HEAVY for my sisters who have more intense periods.
  • You'll not only do yourself a huge favor by gifting these to your Yoni, but you'll save the Earth big time by reducing your waste each month in menstrual care products.
  • These undies are available in three different color options including Eggplant, Rose, and our new color called Beet.
  • Eggplant is created with Logwood, Rose is created with Madder, and Beet is created with a dried insect called Cochineal (native to south and central america, which has been used as dye since before the 15th century. This color is non-vegan)
  • %90 Organic Cotton and %10 Lycra
  • Padded with %100 Organic Cotton Fleece for softness and extra absorption.
  • These undies are MADE TO ORDER, which means 2-4 weeks for creation 
    + shipping time!

High Waisted Free Bleeds