Free Bleed Undies

Free Bleed Undies

  • FREE BLEED UNDIES - You can finally ditch the chemical filled, plastic packaged tampon boxes and allow your body to bleed freely and naturally.
  • %95 Organic Cotton and %5 Spandex Fabric
  • Padded with %100 Organic Cotton Fleece for softness and extra absorption.
  • Dyed naturally with plants - Availble in 2 different feminine colors!
  • You'll not only do yourself a huge favor by gifting these to your Yoni, but you'll save the Earth big time by reducing your waste each month in menstrual care products.
  • These undies come in 2 different variations custom to your flow type, Light/ Moderate flow OR  Heavy flow.
  • These undies come in one style that is - Full Coverage
  • When washing these undies, it is best to rinse first then throw in washing machine on a cold and delicate cycle. Hang to dry!
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