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Our handmade Free Bleed Starter Pack is the perfect way to ditch the chemical filled, plastic packaged tampons & pads and allow your body to bleed freely and naturally. This pack includes three different undies in three different flow types so you can try it out and see which one works best for you! Go natural and feel good about your period!

Free Bleed Starter Pack

    • This is our starter pack bundle of Free Bleed Undies which includes : One Pair of Thong Free Bleeds (light flow), One Pair of Low Waisted Free Bleeds (medium flow), & One Pair of High Waisted (heavy flow)
    • Our color options include: "The Neutral Pack" - Thong in White, Low Waisted in Nude, and High Waisted in Charcoal. "The Pastel Pack" - Thong in Guava, Low Waisted in Beet, High Waisted in Eggplant! ** not customizable **
    • These pieces are hand created for you when you place your order, your patience with our slow fashion process is deeply appreciated!
    • NO CHANGES can be made once your order is placed. Please reference sizing chart and color wheel BEFORE placing your order.
    • The design of this garment is protected by copyright, and the unauthorized use of this design is strictly prohibited. © 2024
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