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Our photoshoots were designed by our owner Bella to offer you the opportunity to express your radiance in a

safe and sacred container to be witnessed and celebrated by yourself and your sisters. No experience is

required to be a part of our photoshoot gatherings, we want you to come EXACTLY as you are!

Model Registration

(terms and conditions)

By filling out the form below you agree to Little Plant Lady's rights to all content created at this Photoshoot. You DO have permission to share the content on your personal social media platform. However, proper credit to ALL artists involved MUST visible and clear (you are required to tag Little Plant Lady and Photographer in photo AND caption.) You may NOT use these images to advertise, sell, or market for personal events or products. You also agree to not manipulate, edit,
or distort any images that you receive from shooting with us, and all artists involved. 
We ask for a $55 non-refundable deposit to secure your position at this photoshoot. With this deposit comes a non-verbal agreement to attend this photoshoot on time. If situation arises that conflicts with shoot time please notify us no less than 24hr advance
Why a deposit? The deposit not only secures your position at this photoshoot, but is set in place to avoid last minute drop outs/no-shows. You will be going home with one pair of handmade undies that were custom made for you in exchange!
What if I have no model experience? No experience is required! Our owner Bella will be on site with you playing music, getting everyone comfortable, and sharing helpful tips for being behind the camera! Attending these photoshoots is a perfect opportunity to step into your radiance and allow the Divine Feminine to be held, supported, and SEEN! This photoshoot will offer you a safe space in front of the lense, full access to high resolution photos captured, opportunity to meet like minded soul sisters, and to be a catalyst and inspiration for so many women out there!
All creators present will be female to ensure we can all unleash our wild womban in a safe space <3
By attending this shoot you consent to the use of these images on our social media, website, and any other publishings associated with our brand. (If there is ever any images you wish to NOT be shared, please notify us and we will of course honor that wish! )
*Please reference our sizing chart BEFORE submitting!*


Thank you for signing up!

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