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     About ~ Little Plant Lady

Each piece is handmade by Bella Griffin (me) in present moments of new, unknown destinations as my partner and I journey cross the country in our converted Sprinter Van!

I created this business years ago out of my hometown Cocoa Beach, Florida with a passion of creating. Little Plant Lady started with plant jewelry, pottery, organic candles, and crafty items I created in my free time. Over the years, this small business has quickly grown while I have, blossoming into something I am truly proud of.

When I felt called to dive into sewing and creating organic intimates, I had no idea the great honor and humbleness I would take in creating these pieces for your most intimate areas. My passion was fueled by the injustice of the fast fashion industry and the harmful chemicals in our fabrics! I wanted to bring CHANGE.

   Everything I do here is handmade, always sustainably sourced, organic, and dyed with plants! When you shop here you're supporting a ONE WOMAN SHOW from the mindful sourcing, cutting, sewing, dying, drying, packaging, shipping, emailing, and even the social media-ing!, you won't get your goodies in two day Amazon Prime shipping BUT it will be made ethically, mindfully, and lovingly with your absolute best interest in mind - every step of the way!


You're support goes a long way, not only for me and my continued travels but for the earth you roam.



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